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Creator II
Creator II

“Remove last document state” in Qlik Sense


We know that in QlikView, basically for each user it, captures the last activity and when next time user opens the application, it starts from his/her last state. The "Remove last document state" option helps in deleting the last document state and restore it to the default  state.


I wanted to know if there is a similar option in Qlik Sense. It might not be as simple as clearing a button but need to know if there are any other options.

1. To know that first I need to know if the end user's activities are saved in Qlik Sense? What I was able to check from my end is that if an end user accesses a published app and makes a few selections and his session becomes idle that he is logged of. When he logs back in, he continues from where he left of. Is this true or not?

2. But on the other hand, if the end user closes his browser then there is no way to recover his old session with the selections that he had made. Is this true or not?

3. Are there any other ways to save the end user's session in a browser in Qlik Sense?

Now assuming that a session can be saved, the final ask is if there is an option to clear this session similar to the "Remove last document state".



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