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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Replace 500 error with generic error of our choice

Hello All,

When accessing just a part of our dashboard URL for instance, it throws 500 Internal Server error.

Requirement 500 error should be replaced with some generic error instead of revealing 500 code.

Overview of Error

A server error response was detected. The server could be experiencing errors due to a misbehaving application, a misconfiguration, or a malicious value sent during the auditing process. While error responses in and of themselves are not dangerous, per se, the error responses give attackers insight into how the application handles error conditions. Errors that can be remotely triggered by an attacker can also potentially lead to a denial of service attack or other more severe vulnerability. Recommendations include designing and adding consistent error handling mechanisms which are capable of handling any user input to your web application, providing meaningful detail to end-users, and preventing error messages that might provide information useful to an attacker from being displayed.

Few important points:-

1) We are using Qliksense May 2022 version. 

2) The server where Qliksense is installed doesn't have IIS.



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Hi @Kalkumar  Please post this suggestion to the ideation section of the community forum 


Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hello @Eugene_Sleator  , This is a question I am asking. Is it mandatory to raise an Idea with Qlik ?