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Replace Null Values

Hi All,

I have table with continuous date using master calender however while using the measure I am getting the null records.

I have tried a lot to change with many expression like isnull,alt,coalasce, if conditions  however not able to rectify it please advise.


Sunil Kumar

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Can you give an example of what you have and what you want to have?

If you have dates in your master calendar that you don't have data for then what do you want to happen for those dates?

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand


please check the  calendar is mapped to correct field ? 

or can you check  in the source is the data is available for particular dates ?

can you explain bit more. and what is the measure your using?  


Hi Both,

Let me explain in better way.  The report requires that how many time a representative visited to a store in a day through out the entire month date wise. There are 50 representatives as dimension on left side of a pivot table, visit_date as column dimension and measure as count of activity_id. So it may happen that any any representative may on leave and not going to a store and we won't have that day data in our table which is visit_date. So I have created a master calender for a continous date and there I have created a visit_date which is connected to visit_date of my data table.

Now on the report part for example 5th of december 40 representative visit are available however 10 reps are showing as   -   in greybox that means those 10reps were not visited. So the requirement is that  - in greybox of a pivot table should show zero instead of - in greybox.

Hope I am able to clarify.