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Replace function in qliksense

Hello Qlik Developers

I am using a piviot table in qlik sense in measures i wrote an expression which calculates the max 8 week in the label i wrote =Replace(vMax8Week,'"','') expression but its not giving the max 8 week date but in qlikview its showing the date. Can some one help me how to get the date. Please find the attached image below i want to display the date for all the expressions;

Expression: count({<Master_WeekStart={$(vMax8Week)}>} Kit_ID)

Label: =Replace(vMax8Week,'"','')

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Re: Replace function in qliksense

I think Qlik Sense doesn't allow for a calculated expression label.

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Re: Replace function in qliksense

Hi Sunny

Thanks for your reply is there any way we can display the dates in the pivot table for the expressions as mentioned in the image?