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Replace missing values

Hello dear community,

I have the following question for you:

I have two tables (horizontal: TABLE_1 and vertical: TABLE_2) which I have connected with correspondingly.

Looks that way, then:

            A                    B                    C                     D

-           -                     4                     5                      -

i           1                     -                     -                       6   

ii          3                     -                     -                       9

iii         7                     -                     -                       4

iv         2                     -                     -                       7

First of all, the fields are conspicuous, and no mapping results and are therefore marked with -.

The first line also contains the values that have a value from TABLE_1 (4 und 5 in this case) but do not exist in TABLE_2.

I would now like to assign the values which are not available in TABLE_2 (i.e. 4 und 5) according to i, ii, iii, iv to all of them.

In addition, the first line should then disappear the values that have a value from the TABLE_1 (here 4 und 5), but are not available in TABLE_2.

That means it should look like this afterwards:

            A                    B                    C                     D

i           1                     4                     5                       6   

ii          3                     4                     5                      9

iii         7                     4                     5                      4

iv         2                     4                     5                     7

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Many greetings

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