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Repository Snapshot Manager

I learned about this at the conference and decided to give it a try.

I am just trying to do a backup. 

This is the bat file I am using:

C:\Users\mritter\Desktop\RSM\RepositorySnapshotManager.exe -backup -path=c:\Users\mritter\Desktop\RSM\Backup

It kicked off and has been sitting on 'Creating login credentials file for database' for over 30 minutes. I don't know if this is normal or not.

This is a new installation with not many users or apps yet.  So I would have thought that this would run and finish pretty quickly.

Does anyone know if this is abnormal?  Also, will anything bad happen if I kill this job in the middle? How long should I let it run?

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Re: Repository Snapshot Manager

I answered part of my own question.  I gave up and stopped the job. 

I restarted the services and all is well.

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Re: Repository Snapshot Manager

Hello Mark,

Are you able to take a back up using RSM?

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Re: Repository Snapshot Manager

I'm facing the same thing during a backup as we speak.

Did you overcome this? If so, how?

You think it's because of the certificate/db passwords?

I'm on Qlik Sense server 2.1.1 - what version are/were you?

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Re: Repository Snapshot Manager

I need to post more often, I figured it out using the most current Qlik Sense help documentation (and not the documentation from the version of qlik sense I'm using)

Backup process hangs during "Creating login credentials file for database..."

The repository database is password-protected, but the -databasePassword argument was not provided.

Once I put the correct password and reran we were smooth sailing.

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Re: Repository Snapshot Manager

I'm able to backup Qlik Sense 2.2.4 with below parameters:

Stop all Qlik Sense services

RepositorySnapshotManager.exe -backup -ver= -path=C:\Qlik\backups -supportingContentLocation=C:\Qlik\Additional -databasePassword=PasswordAssignedToTheRepositoryDatabaseDuringTheInstallation -certificatePassword=SetItWhatYouWant

if Qlik Sense services are running by LocalSystem Account, You must use pstools for backup client.pfx certification as described here: Repository Snapshot Error