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Resident load problem - please help


I am loading data from a database table using a sql like this:

[Table A]:

select * from DB.TABLE;

Now I am doing resident load on Table A, like this:

[Table B]:

Load * resident [Table A];

drop table [Table A];

but my problem is [Table B] is not generating in data model. So my question is when I resident table from another table using sql query, it will not generate? I am doing thing this in QlikSense.

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Re: Resident load problem - please help


your problem is your Table B has the exact same fields as Table A

so automatically the two table are merged

change your script to.

[Table A]:

select * from DB.TABLE;

[Table B]:

Noconcatenate Load * resident [Table A];

drop table [Table A]

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Re: Resident load problem - please help

Becuase you are loading table B which has the same fileds as Table B

and Concatenation come into picture to merge Table b into A

so after loading you are getting error as Table B not found:


[Table A]:

Load * from db.tablename;


[Tabe B]:

Load * from [table A];

Drop table [Table A];