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Resizing based on screen resolution

Hi all,

We are new in qlik sense. Currently our project is in development phase.  We 've prepared a report that looks perfect on our big screens. However when we tried to open in on laptop our variable input boxes ware so narrow that we could not input values without widening them, but when we go to the report screen we could not see the inserted values. Is there any setting or extension that could deal dynamically with screen resolution?

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Re: Resizing based on screen resolution

Dear Orlinda,

Qlik Sense has a auto fit screen resource based on client resolution.

It´s important to understand which values is more important and create a sheet for small devices or a mashup in order to provide a great navigation.

My sugestion is to do adjusts instead.

Re: Resizing based on screen resolution

General rule of thumb is develop so that things work on the worst kit that will use your stuff.

I have seen developers do stuff on high spec computers with all the latest software, that collapses in the real world on 6 year old PC's running Internet Explorer version ancient.

What I have done for a Qlik Sense App that needs to run on screen resolutions from iPhone 5 to the CIO's mega expensive huge monitor is develop a custom mashup scripted to handle widely varying resolutions, but it was a complex / time consuming task doing that.

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Re: Resizing based on screen resolution

Sorry, but does it means that we have to develop separate application in order to provide reports readable from "Cs" phones? Or for phones there is some other features?