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Resource filtering by multiple criteria on the same filter

Hello all,

currently I'm making a dashboard based on People and their Skills.

I have a filter like this:

Interface Design - No Experience
Interface Design - Proficient
Jboss - Basic Knowledge
Jboss - Intermediate
Jboss - Limited Experience
Jboss - No Experience
Jboss - Proficient
Logo Design - Advanced
Logo Design - Basic Knowledge

and when I click on the first row (for example) a KPI visualization shows me how much People I have with that Skill and Level of experience.

Now, if I click on another row, I want that KPI visualization to show me how much People I have with both skills combined.

The thing is, its showing me the people I have with 1 of the two skills (minimum) which raises the count of people instead of decreasing it.

I hope I explained it well. If you need anymore info or screenshots pls say so.

KPI is= Count(distinct USER_ID) or  Count(${<SKILL_AND_LEVEL={}>} Distinct USERID) .

That filter shows SKILL_AND_LEVEL field.

thank you all.

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Re: Resource filtering by multiple criteria on the same filter

There is a way to change the filter from an OR to AND in QlikView.  But I don't know if there is a way to do that in Qlik Sense.  I would check Qlik Branch to see if there are any extensions that might do that.