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Contributor II
Contributor II

Restore App to earlier version?

I have been working on an app for the past couple days and got it to a point where I liked it.  But when i went to add a field that i had forgotten from Salesforce and loaded that data, it broke all of my previously established Salesforce associations and replaced them with a ton of synthetic keys. 

Even after I fixed them, around 12 visualizations will no longer work.  The data model that worked perfectly before, now fails to carry information through.  So the set analysis filters i had applied now all fail because it no longer links them. 

I attached a picture of the data model that i have set up.  I used to be able to filter information in SLProject__c by fields in the User and Account table.  But now it does not recognize any field in either of those tables so i can no longer use them in visualizations or set analysis. 

I have other apps with the same associations that work properly, and this one used to work, but now won't after that data load.  Is there any way to restore the app to an earlier version?  Or somehow lock the associations so that they aren't for some reason completely re-done when you go to add data?  Is there some reason that the associations would no longer work even if the connections are the exact same as they were before?

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I would think that fixing this would have been as easy as just removing the field that you added in your script.  As long as the script is the same then all of your visualizations should have just started working again.  No need to change any of them.

So there must be something else going on.

If you do not have a backup of the qvf before your change then you are kind of stuck.