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Restrict display of values


as shown in the pic, i am trying to limit the dimension based on a measure.

the one you are seieng is  - limited to display >0.6



But, what i wanted is to limit >0.6 and <1

I have a complex formulae foe measure. 

my dimesion name is : FIRSTPROD

measure calculation :

=sum(aggr(sqr(sum(TOTAL <PNUM, ECUST> {<$>*<QTR={">=$(=$(vAgo))"},$(vMRSet)>}$(vMQld))
sum(TOTAL <PNUM> {<$>*<QTR={">=$(=$(vAgo))"},$(vMRSet)>}$(vMQld))), PNUM, ECUST))


Help me how to keep two bounds in limits, Thanks.


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Re: Restrict display of values

There are so many variable in your expression

to restrict FIRSTPROD you need to write

FIRSTPROD={"=>0.6 <1"}

Add this in your expression inside the set expression. May be like this

=sum(aggr(sqr(sum(TOTAL <PNUM, ECUST> {<$>*<QTR={">=$(=$(vAgo))"},$(vMRSet), FIRSTPROD= {">0.6 <1}>}$(vMQld))
sum(TOTAL <PNUM> {<$>*<QTR={">=$(=$(vAgo))"},$(vMRSet),FIRSTPROD= {">0.6 <1}>}$(vMQld))), PNUM, ECUST))
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Re: Restrict display of values

Is this about QlikView or Qlik Sense? I would like to move it to the correct product forum.
Sue Macaluso