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Restrict users to a specific node

I've looked around and didn't really find anything that addressed the question I have.

Is it possible to restrict users to a specific node?

We have a clustered environment with a production and development node.  We want our end users to only have access to the production node and not to the development node.

Is this a possibility?  If so, how can this be achieved?

We are on Qlik Sense June 2018. 


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Master II

Re: Restrict users to a specific node

I do not fully understand this...

We have 2 nodes as well one is primary and another is slave

Primary is used for Development while Slave is used to Schedule loads thru QMC only.

Is it like adding extra RIM Node or you have 2 different instances?

If you have single instance but 2 nodes then there will be a single QMC (thats my guess)

but if you have 2 different instances then you have 2 QMC's

on RIM nodes you can block end users from accessing Slave nodes server and block them from accessing 'Configuration System' section in QMC and just give them access to Aps or users etc.

search for QMC security rule...?


Re: Restrict users to a specific node

Hi, I want to know if you achieved this. I also want to know if you can restrict users to a specific node using security rules. Thanks!