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Retail planogram in QlikSense


I want to build a planogram in QlikSense. I have seen that it's possible with Tableau (Building a Retail Planogram Using Tableau - YouTube  ‌)

And by the way with QlikView. But how could I make it on QlikSense?

Is there an extension to create a planogram?

Thank you

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Re: Retail planogram in QlikSense

You could use a tool like inkscape to draw the planogram an save it as an SVG.

Then use Brian Munz's SVG extension available on Qlik Branch to display it on Qlik Sense.

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Re: Retail planogram in QlikSense

Hi Benjamin,

There is no extension built as such yet, but if you would like to build one for your requirement , its not difficult at all.

I can even say that the planogram is going to look more intuitive than what the video shows in tableau. I would use the D3,js to easily achieve this.


Sangram Reddy.