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Contributor II
Contributor II

Retrieve only interlinked rows.


I am trying to create a condition where I retrieve the rows based on a flag, but want the associated ID's as well


RowID            PowerID         Name              R-Flag  

1                             001                     Zach                 N

2                             001                      Zach                 N

3                             002                     Bob                  N

4                             002                      Bob                 Y

5                             003                     kathy               N

6                             004                      Kathy               N



Out of these records, I only want to show records of Bob who has R-flag as Y. But want both records (row no) 3 & 4. Is there a way to meet this requirement in Qlik?


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Creator II
Creator II

At first we need to find who (Name) has at least one 'Y' in the field “R-Flag”:



Mapping Load Distinct


'1' as NameFlag

Resident YourTable

Where R_Flag = 'Y';


Second, we need to flag the name records in the original table that have at least one 'Y'.



NoConcatenate Load *,

ApplyMap('NamesFlagged_map', Name, '0') as NameFlag

Resident YourTable;

Drop Table YourTable;


Third, filter the names of the original table that are flagged:



NoConcatenate Load *

Resident NamesFlagged_tmp
Where NameFlag = '1';

Drop Table NamesFlagged_tmp;

Drop Field NameFlag From NamesFlagged;


The NamesFlagged table will contain only the records of the persons that had at least one R-Flag marked as 'Y'. 

Hope it helps!



Load Name as tmpName

From Source 

Where [R-flag] = 'Y';


Load *

From Source

Where exists (tmpName, Name);

Drop table TempNames;

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