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Contributor III
Contributor III

Reverse Rundown line chart


I have a number of rows of data, for example

ID, Quarter, Unit, <other fields>


1, Q1_2021, A, .....
2, Q1_2021, A, .....
3, Q1_2021, A, .....
4, Q1_2021, B, .....
5, Q2_2021, A, .....

Each row has at least one unique field in the further data fields (....)

What i'm trying to do is to plot a line graph as a rundown chart, for example

Y Axis (total row count)

X Axis (quarter)

But for the X axis for the quarter to the culmative count of all quarters after it (including itself), e.g.


Q1 = Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4 row count

Q2 = Q2 + Q3 + Q4 row count

Q3 = Q3 + Q4 row count



The idea being the first data point on the x axis will be the highest, then each subsequent quarter it will reduce down until it hits 0, allowing us to show the "rundown" of the resolution of the issues that each row of data represents.


Hope that makes sense, any ideas on best way to represent, i could pre-build it all in excel, but then i lose the ability to filter on the unit field, for example the main chart would be "all units" but a filtered view might be just data relating to unit "A"

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