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Roles based hierarchical section access

Application form IdUserCheckResultAD UserAD User group
A12343587859T&Cs discussedPass43587859IHUB-QS-branch1-associate
A12341356789Collect ID ProofPass41356789IHUB-QS-branch1-associate
A45623456678T&Cs discussed Fail23456678IHUB-QS-branch1-manager
A45633242424Collect ID ProofPartial33242424IHUB-QS-branch2-associate
A45756667777T&Cs discussed Pass56667777IHUB-QS-branch2-manager
A45714949494Collect ID ProofPass14949494IHUB-QS-area-manager




By using the above information , A section access code to be written and will helping us that When Area manager Logins into the app he should have  access to view the complete data where as manager can only view the data belong to his branch data. So this need to be restricted based on the roles that they are playing?