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Contributor III
Contributor III

Rundown Line Chart

Hi, i have the following data

Dept Target_Date

A 01/01/21
B 01/04/21
C 01/04/21

In another table i have Dept against a number of rows of data, e.g.

Dept   Host
A       Host1
A       Host2
A       Host3
B       Host4


I would like to plot a line chart going from the total of all hosts then down over time as it hits each date field, e.g.

at the 01/01/21 mark on the line chart it would count all hosts in A B and C

at the 01/04/21 mark the A set no longer applies so i'd like the line to just represent the total hosts in B and C at that point


Hope that makes sense

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With Target_date as your dimension, you could use Count(Total . . .) and the RangeSum()  functions to create a Rundown calculation in your measure like this:

count(Total Host) - RangeSum(Above(count(Host),1,10000))