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Sales win \ loss stats


I hope someone can help, i'm using qlik sense desktop and creating a sales dashboard. There is one bit i'm unable to work out how to do.

I would like to show a win \ loss ratio of our opportunities

All our information comes from an excel spread sheet as per below

In ProgressNew Business£150
LoadedNew Business£150
LoadedNew Business£200
LostExisting Customer£200
WonExisting Customer£200

We break our sales into Categories


New Business

Existing customer

I would like to show a box (that never changes no matter what filters are selected - showing

% Win \ Loss ratios of all the category

Won and Loaded need to be added together and In progress not counted if that makes sense

So the box would show

Direct = 67% Win

New Business = 100% Win

Existing customer = 50% Win

And as we add more these numbers auto update.

Any help would be appreciated

As mentioned before i'm running Qlik sense Desktop


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Re: Sales win \ loss stats

Use a table in qlikview / qliksense

put first dimension as Category

and expression as

count({1< status -={'Lost'} >}status)/count({1}status)

and format expression as percentage.

Hope it works.