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Contributor II
Contributor II

Sankey chart count not as expected



I'm trying to create a sankey chart to show data region and few columns as second dimension.

First dimension: Region

Second Dimension is below expression:

=if(BS='Yes' ,'BS',if(NF='Yes' ,'NF',
if(Both='Yes' ,'Both',if(NT='Yes' ,'NT',if(RE='Yes' ,'RE',
if(GD='Yes' ,'GD',if(DA='Yes' ,'DA',)))))))

Measure: Count(Key)

Below is the sample Data.

Issue is when first  column BS is Yes  and if NF is Yes the count for NF is not considered as it is already considering it for BS. can you any one say how to resolve this issue to show count of each column when it is 'Yes' in sankey chart? 

Below is the column order.

KeyRegionBSNFBothNTREGDDACurrent Year Scope


Sample data is attached.



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