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Saving / merging multiple QVD's


I am attempting to download roughly 7 or 8 csv files that each contain a few million entries. I would like to save them as QVD's and get them all into one application. I have two questions

Should I use QlikSense Desktop version or QlikSense Cloud?

Say the file name for example is "2015 data", how do I save this file as a QVD and get it into QlikSense?


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Re: Saving / merging multiple QVD's

I think you should use Qlik Sense Desktop to turn the csv files into a qvd file. You'll have to use the Data Load Editor to write a bit of script code to store a table to a qvd file. Here's the online help for the Store command: Store ‒ Qlik Sense

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Re: Saving / merging multiple QVD's

Hi there Garrett,

You can use QlikSense Desktop and for example do the following:

// First Load all the data into tables


FROM 'lib://<yourselectedfolder>/2015 data*.csv'

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is YourSheetName);

// Second stores all the files into QVD's folder

FOR i = 0 TO NoOfTables() - 1

LET d = TableName(i);

STORE [$(d)] INTO .qvd;


// Third drops all tables

let numTables = NoOfTables();

for i=1 to $(numTables)

let tt = TableName(0);

drop table [$(tt)];


See also this:

Adding data from Excel and CSV files - Qlik Sense - YouTube

Hope this help



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Re: Saving / merging multiple QVD's

I'm not sure but you can convert all those 7 CSV files into individual QVDs and then load those each QVD into new QVW file and use that QVW file as Binary load in Qlik Sense.
In this way you'll get all the tables I.E Data Model in Qlik Sense.

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