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Contributor II
Contributor II

Scatter Plot - connect dots (or) can it be replaced by line chart?

Hi guys,

I have created a scatter plot, but I would like to join the dots by 'product' based on date.

I have attached a sample file. Is it possible to connect all 'G9' through a line and 'P23' by a line?

Is it possible to achieve the same result using line chart, because I would like to change the x axis to date, month, quarter, year ?

Ex: ID: 1086 and 1088 falls on the same date, but in the line chart I don't want to aggregate and it should be at ID level, even if I change it to month, Quarter etc?



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I guess instead of scatter plot, you need combo chart. Or scatter plot without linking the dots. 




Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Tommy, Thank you for your reply. If Scatter plot is not possible, then i need to use Line chart, because i have 2 dimensions. 

I have attached the screen shot.
In scatter plot, I have used
Dimesion: ID
X-axis: Avg((DOM)). This is a date field.
Y-Axis: Avg(If([metric_type] = 'aal1', (result_value)))
Color: Product name

If i can replace it with line/combo chart, then I need to use 2 dimension and 1 measure
1) Dimension - Date, Product
2) Measure - Result_value. This shouldn't be aggregated at date level, but need to see at ID level.
What should be measure expression if i need the level of detail at ID level?