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Contributor III
Contributor III

Scatter plot with two variables

Good morning guys! Hope everyone is doing great!

      I'm trying to plot a scatter plot in QLIKView but I'm having a difficult time...
      What I'm trying to do is to emulate the Excel plot (in attachment) in QLIIKView!
     My Excel contains the following information:

                  - Year_Month: Year and month;
                  - Team: Football (or soccer :)) team;
                  - Country: Country of that football team;
                  - Player: A player's ID
                  - Day_Arrive_Team: The day that the team arrived at the stadium;
                  - Day_Real_Game: The day that is scheduled the game (it will always match the day that the team arrived)
                  - Hour_Arrive_Team: The hour that the team arrived at the stadium;
                   - Hour_Real_Game: The hour that is scheduled for the game (it will never match the day that the team arrived)

              So for my scatter plot, in Excel, I put the Day_Arrive_Team against both columns Hour_Arrive_Team and Hour_Real_Game. Therefore I got a plot that shows me day to day which hour does the team arrives and which hour does the game starts. I can see that each day from the blue and orange dot.
            I need to use that information and plot the scatter plot in QLIK View, but I only managed to get the Day x Hour_Game... I can't plot the Hour_Arrive in the same plot... Can somebody help me with that?
             I like the scatter plot because I can put an ax Z that is the size of the bubble and that's very good for my analysis...
I put both the Excel file (that has the scatter plot that I'm trying to emulate) and the QVW that I managed to get so far in the attachments.

Thank you very much, guys!

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