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Scattered chart relative bubble sizing



I have a dashboard where I show the cost income ratio by country and the bubble chart is what the management requires.

The size of bubbles work perfectly fine when there are no filters applied. But if I choose only (2 countries for example) the size of bubbles are not matching as per the value. 

eg., (UK total cost is 784, France total cost is 734) once we apply the filter only for UK & France the bubble size for UK is becoming 10 X bigger than France and bubble size of France is showing as "Dot". Is there a way to avoid this?

I tried to adjust the bubble size under presentation, I also tried to use some alternatives like [dual (sum(XXX)),Sqrt (sum(XXX))) based on another thread. Nothing helped, looking for some solution. QVF file is attached.

Bubble = Country
X-Axis = Cost per customers
Y-Axis = Cost income ratio
Bubble Size = Cost
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Hello @Sanju1, thanks for posting your question to our Community 😊 I has a quick look into the application you attached and for me this might be a product defect, so could you kindly contact Product Support so we can proceed and open a ticket to our R&D team? Thank you!

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