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Hi Team,

What is the best way to represent a Scorecard and is there any template in Qlik Sense or anyone ever worked on something similar to that.  Please advise..

Thanking you all,

Best Rgds


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Re: Scorecard

Hi Bharati,

what do you actually mean by 'SCORECARD' ?


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Re: Scorecard


I have try to use the following to miMick Scorecard.

( Since in Sense > Table or Pivot you can add Image in the cell, unless you create an Extension )
a) Use Colors in the Background cell to show the Range of desired value in various colors..

     make use of backcolor to color the figures depending on Range

b) Make use of ColorMix1  >> an inbuilt fucntion in sense which auto generate color gradiant for you .

c) Use existing KPI control