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Contributor III
Contributor III

Script: Detect if running in Qlikview or Qliksense


I have to sometimes port Load Script Code between Qlikview and qliksense.  Sometimes there are differences

in the Section Access Syntax or in the qvd locations .    so I wanted to do the below


Have a line of code that works in both QV and QS that detects if it is running in Qlikvesview or Qliksense then if it is running in Qlikview it will run a load script that exists in an external file that works specificially in Qlikview  or if it is detects that it is running in Qliksense then it will run an external .qvs file that will work for Qliksense.


Is this functionality possible? If so how can I do accomplish this?


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IF DocumentName() like '*.qvw' THEN
	//What you want it to do for Qlik View
	//What you want it to do for Qlik Sense