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Script Related Issue

Hello All,

I am encountering error while using the below script. I think 1st 2 Lines are Okay but third lines seems to be having an issue.

If(IsNull("DPN30"),'T','F') as [NEW1],

if("DPN30"="DPN",'T','F') as [NEW2],

If('NEW2'='F' and 'NEW1' = 'T','N','O') as [NEW3],

Kindly help me in this.

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Re: Script Related Issue

Are you loading this in the same load? or are you doing the NEW3 in a preceding load? Try like this:


           If([NEW2] = 'F' and [NEW1] = 'T', 'N', 'O') as [NEW3];

LOAD If(IsNull("DPN30"),'T','F') as [NEW1],

           If("DPN30"="DPN",'T','F') as [NEW2],


FROM ....;

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