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Script changes lost after session timeout

I open the script and start editing and even if I've been making changes the session times out and all changes are lost.

At this point, the only reliable way to edit the script is to use the desktop

1. Use the web interface and wait for timeout to crash your script changes

2. Use the desktop and have to port your script to the web.

Changing the timeout is not a solution

While I'm editing, the timeout needs to be suspended.  Any way to do this?

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Re: Script changes lost after session timeout

I agree, QlikSense's Dev environment is way far from "normal and safe" one...

Auto-Saving is not the only thing that's missing... And there is no option to change or disable the timeout in the current 3.2 version....

I would recommend to use external scripts (*.qvs) and include them into your QS script with #include or #must_include calls..  Helps structure the code also...


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Re: Script changes lost after session timeout

We tried that.



Doesn't appear to be loading the script file because it just exits.

Thanks for the advice - we're back on 3.1 but if qlik has removed the virtual proxy timeout in 3.2, that's a step backwards.

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