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Search in help.qlik.com

The search function seems to have changed recently. Previously I could set my particular software and version once (Sense, June 2017). Now I need to filter repeatedly when doing a series of searches. Results are inconsistent. For example I wanted more information on P() and E(). Eventually a search for P( helped, but filtering on the Qlik Sense radio button gave 0 results. Change the filter to June 2017 and I got a result. Go to that page, then change the filter back to November 2017 - suddenly it finds information.

Are others experiencing difficulties? Any suggestions for more effective search techniques?

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Re: Search in help.qlik.com

I noticed the same thing, and reported it to Qlik Support. My expectation is that this will be changed back to previous behavior at a later update of help site.

Unfortunately I do not see that there is a easier workaround that toggling the radio button. Sorry for the inconvenience.