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Section Access QSR Wildcard issue

So I have the following code to determine my Section access for an Application, however it is not working as intended.

If I set the custom property to "ALL" in the QMC is is correctly recognized and changed to a *, however if ACCESS = USER it shows as "Access Denied" when they try to login,if the ACCESS = ADMIN it works as intended.

LIB CONNECT TO 'PostgreSQL_localhost';

LOAD Upper(Name) as ACCESS, Upper(UserDirectory & '\' & UserId) as USERID, If(Upper(Value)='ALL','*',Upper(Value)) as REDUCTION;
SQL Select "T"."Name", "U"."UserId", "U"."UserDirectory", "V"."Value"
From "public"."Users" "U"
inner join "public"."TagUsers" "TH" on "U"."ID" = "TH"."User_ID"
inner join "public"."Tags" "T" on "TH"."Tag_ID" = "T"."ID"
inner join "public"."CustomPropertyValues" "V" on "U"."ID" = "V"."User_ID" ;

Section Access;
Resident UserSecurity;

Section Application;