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Section Access Qliksense Query


Hope you can answer a Query about Section Access:

Where can I find a detailed guide on Section Access?

Is there an standard for Section access in order to grant or restrict access to an User?

Is there a table like this that can be modify or how can it be modify to restrict access?


ACCESSCan be USER or ADMIN. The ADMIN access was introduced in Qlik Sense 2.0 and gives the user full access to data.
USERIDThe name of the user in the format of [User Directory]\[User ID]
GROUPValue of the attribute group on a user
[REDUCTION]Is the field on which the reduction is performed
OMITFields that should not be available to the GROUP or USERID
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Re: Section Access Qliksense Query

Hi Andres, in the script editor, Menu Insert->Setion Access->Inline you can open a short dialog to create a table with basic or NT security.

There is a lot of flexibility with sections access and many different requirements.

To know more about seccion access here is a summary:

Section Access

It's based on QlikView, some links like security in sheets or charts can't be applied like in QV, but section access works in a similar way in both products.


Re: Section Access Qliksense Query