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Section Access vs QMC


We have a client that was managing user access to our Qlik Sense app using the server management console.

Now they've asked us to do some data reduction on our app for 2 of the whole 10 users, which we did easily with Section Access.

Do all 10 users have to be listed in section access? And does that mean that once we have section access, user access in the management console no longer makes sense? Is it possible to have a "section access management" similar to Publisher/QV in the Sense server, so that the client can keep on managing user access in a centralized way?

What we did in the meantime was to create an excel file with the users and data they can access.

Thank you very much

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Re: Section Access vs QMC


You can use Active directory groups to centrally manage the section access to users. We too are in the process of automating and create active directory groups..


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