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Section Access

Hi All,

We have a section access in app,

There are two fields in section access, one is COMPANY_CODE, the other one is DIVISION_CODE.

We have set the user sysadmin * in these two fileds so that sysadmin can access all data.

But the result is some value is filtered out.

Section Access;






FROM [lib://DEMO/User list.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Access);

Is there any issue on the script and user list file?

Best Regards,


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Re: Section Access

The user id has to be in Capitals.

For the access level specified in your Excel file, you do not need Section Access at all.


Re: Section Access

Hi Luis,

With '*' in COMPANY_CODE and DIVISION_CODE user will be able to see all listed codes for other users. As you are having only ADMIN user currently, you can leave it blank instead of writing '*'.

For example do check bottom example on this page - https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Scripting/Security/manage-sec...



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Re: Section Access

HI Louis,

As Rahul suggest this is because of the use of '*', as you would expect this is wild card charater.

But it will only give you access to any of the COMPANY_CODE or DIVISION_CODE that are used in your section access. One way to get around this to create a dummy user that have all the COMPANY_CODE's and DIVISION_CODE's listed in the access table

Something like;

Concatenate Section Access;

LOAD Distinct

    'Dummy'  as "USERID",

    'User'      as  "ACCESS",



Resident 'Your table'

you table being where the COMPANY_CODE and DIVISION_CODE are kept in your data. You may have to add more to the script if they are kept on different tables.


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Re: Section Access

Hi Louis,

Instead of writing '*' you can write all the list of company_code and division_code like:

ACCESS     USERID                         COMPANY_CODE     DIVISION_CODE

ADMIN     DOMAIN\SYSADMIN          ABC                              EAST

ADMIN     DOMAIN\SYSADMIN          DEF                              WEST

ADMIN     DOMAIN\SYSADMIN          XYZ                              NORTH

ADMIN     DOMAIN\SYSADMIN          PQR                              SOUTH

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