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Section access in Qliksense

Hi All,

We have around 40 tables loaded in Qliksense and we have to provide security using section access.

We should not show some tables (complete table data) to some users. We can do this using OMIT keyword, by omitting each and every field, But this will be very hard because we have so many columns in each of these tables.

We have security list something like below. Is there any way we can provide security on table levels?

Sales TeamSales, product and divisions tables only
Risk TeamRisk, Risk rules only


Thanks in advance.. Smiley Happy 

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Please use like below with syntax of Section Access

Load * Inline [

ACCESS, USERID, GROUP, Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4, .......

USER, username1, Manager, *, *, *, *, ...

USER, username2, Sales, *, *, , *, ...

USER, username3, Sales, , , *, *, ...

USER, username4, Risk, *, *, *, *, ...


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Partner - Champion III

It sounds like you might need to split this into two models. The Omit feature is not intended to hide entire tables - it is intended to selectively display a few fields that contain sensitive information.

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Thanks Jonty for the response. I understand the functionality of OMIT feature. We are creating a data model in qliksense for self service reporting. So it has to be one dashboard where they can create their own charts and they should see data (feilds) only related them. 

But here, the requirement is to hide some tables to some users based on section access. We are not using star scheme model due to some constraints. what is the best way to handle this?