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Section access issue in qlik sense

‌hi all,

Can someone help me please with the section access. I have two data reduction: district and region.

each user has some regions and districts to access.

I have in the database a district id = -1 and it isn't related to any region so I added The following rows to the table:

I have per example region1 and region2. 3 districts: d1, d2 and -1

d1 is related to region1 in the data and d2 to region2

i added in the section access table the following:

admin can access :







and i loaded the other data for the other users

per example user1 can access d1, region1 ...

when i load the data and publish the app. I am not getting the right values there are some data missing (related to -1) only.

i dnt knw if i am clear.

thank you

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Re: Section access issue in qlik sense

are you able to post up your section access load script and the table it is loading  this may help get your answer.

I think you can only data reduce on one field, so if you want to use to use two you will need to concatentate these.


A Primer on Section Access

Data Reduction Using Multiple Fields

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Re: Section access issue in qlik sense

Hi Nancy,

Are you logging in as the Admin user? Can you post the script you are using.

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