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Security Rules in Qlik Sense


I was working lately on Qlik Management Console in Qlik Sense to create some users' access rules:

- Create security rules on streams: Identify users that can access these streams and publish applications accessible by all these users in the same stream.

- Create security rules on unpublished applications and identify who can see it and what are the sheets and stories a user can read, update..

Are the above correct? And how can I create security rules on data, example if I have a table of countries in my application data and I want the user A to be able to see information in country X only and another user B to be able to see information about country Y?

Thanks in advance,

Nancy Sbeity




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Re: Security Rules in Qlik Sense


If you want to create rules on what data certain users are allowed to see, you need to use Section Access in your scripts.

This link will get you started: http://help.qlik.com/sense/1.0/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/WorkingWith/Content/Scripting/Security/Ma...

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Re: Security Rules in Qlik Sense

Thank you Mr. Magnus Hellfalk for your answer,

I tried to use Section access in Qlik Sense using you proposed link in Qlik Sense Server, but When I finish loading data and open the application , it gives me " Access denied".

I searched on the community website about the solution, there are lots of people with the same problem without any answer.

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Re: Security Rules in Qlik Sense

Hi Nancy,

Before reloading data with Section Access always remember to take a backup f the file since if there is any error in the file you will get locked out of the application.

As far as the link is concerned, it states ACCESS as Admin which doesnt work in Qlik Sense, so avoid use of ADMIN under ACCESS and always remember that all the fields loaded into section access need to be in Upper Case

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Re: Security Rules in Qlik Sense

Yes, good note! Admin is not a viable user in the section access implementation in Qlik Sense. I have two other things that could trigger the response:

  1. You forgot to add your own user to section access. A common mistake, which I have done many times before... Section access - as it works in Qlik Sense, means that only the users specified will get access to the app. No one else. (This can ofcourse be solved with a workaround)
  2. The users you specified in the section access where not formated in the correct way. It should be "<domain>/<user>"

Here is a very crude example on a section access. I've written it directly from memory, but should work...

The section access settings will give the user "adam", from the domain "mydomain", access. But he will not see any data from a column called "country".

     section access;

     load * inline [


     user, mydomain\adam, COUNTRY,