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Security rules for a stream


I have a finance stream and I want to grant access to one user to be able to publish,duplicate, take ownership and be like the deployment admin of this stream only.  I have created a security rule for this stream to give access to that user but, in the QMC every thing is disabled for that user.  When I add deployment admin role to this user, it would have access to all other apps which is not correct. can you please help me how to make the right security rule?

Thanks a lot in advanced.1.jpg

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Hi Mehdi,

1. I think you should use role instead of name, so you will create a role "discovery analytics"

Conditions: ((user.roles="discovery analytics"))

2. You should have another rule for granting an access to the QMC sections for this role. Use default role "ContentAdminQmcSections" as a template


Creator II
Creator II

Set Custom Property for that user.

Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

In Context - change it to Both QMC & Hub and then try accessing the stream