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Segment colors with variable limit

Hello all,

I am experimenting with the Multi KPI visualization right now. Using segment colors from the master measures with a static limit like 0 to show a difference is a very helpful solution to show the progress of two KPIs. With that working I want to visualize not only the difference to a target but the achievement of a variable target.

For example:

The morning shift has to box 50 orders. The late shift has to box 30 orders. I would like to have one KPI for each shift showing the number of packed orders, which will turn from red to green after reaching the target. The target will change per day and shift depending on the data of our ERP system, so it is not possible to work with a limit of 50 or 30 for the single KPI. 

Is there a way to use an expression oder a variable for the limit instead of a fix number?


Thanks in advance!

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi you can achieve this with 'Vizlib KPI Designer' using a 'bullet chart' Layer/s. You can use an expression to set your daily variable targets so this would do exactly what you need. Only problem is not all installs have Vizlib extensions installed.  


Hi Nelly, thank you for your help. Unfortunately we don't have Vizlib installed but it strengthens my assumption that there is no 'simple' native way to solve this.