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Select multiple values in a field, not working for integers


I'm using the 'Button for navigation' from Qlik Sense (November 2019 Patch 2). Here I'm using the function, 'select multiple values in a field'. This seems to work with values that are presented as text. The Field Item-Color has for example:

  • 3091750123
  • 2057123012
  • 120A120-10293
  • 140B102-12811



I've created a function that is removing/replacing unwanted characters (hyphen,  - is allowed). The rest is replaced with a ; which is the delimiter.



The input box is used to fill the variable:




The problem occurs when I want to search for integers. When that is done, the values are not passed through as a selection. When one of the values is a text value, the value is passed through as a selection..

  • 3091750123
  • 2057123012
  • Outcome -> No selection
  • 120A120-10293
  • 140B102-12811
  • Outcome -> Both values
  • 2057123012
  • 120A120-10293
  • 140B102-12811
  • Outcome -> Only the last two values not the integer

What have I tried?

  • Making all values text values in the script
  • Making the values text values in the formula


If someone knows how to fix this.. please




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