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Select only the available days of the month

Hi guys, can you help me? I need to select only the available days of the month. In this example it would be data from 1 to 25 days




let vMaxDate = '=max(FECHA_TEMP)';
let vMaxDay = '=day(max(FECHA_TEMP))';
let vMaxMonth = '=month(max(FECHA_TEMP))';
let vMaxYear = '=max(Year)';
let vPriorMonth = '=month(addmonths(max(FECHA_TEMP),-1))';
let vPriorMonthYear = '=Year(addmonths(max(FECHA_TEMP),-1))';
let vPriorYear = '=vMaxYear-1';
let vPriorYearDate = '=date(addyears(max(FECHA_TEMP),-1),' & chr(39) & 'DD MMM YYYY' & chr(39) & ')';
Let vReloadTime= '=Today()';


qlik ejemplo.png