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Contributor III
Contributor III

Selection in Filter causes uniform sections in the pie chart instead of correct values


I have a pie chart that is supposed to show how many tests were  done on a test type. For the angle I have this formula: Count (distinct AuftrNr)
So it counts the order numbers and sorts according to the type of test that is in the same line. Distinct, because in this table order numbers occur several times, but each should only be counted once.

Without further selections it seems to work. If you select for example the component in a filter it shows equal sections instead of the correct percentages. If there are e.g.  4 types of tests to choose from for the type of component selected, it is 4 parts with 25 percent. Or here, for example with 9 fields:
I've already tried to rebuild the chart or get the fields from other tables. Normally I know cases where a filter changes nothing in the diagram if there is no link to the fields in the diagram. In that case the program seems to recognize a connection but does not take real values, but instead divides the fields equally.
I'm confused because I created the diagram some time ago and I think at that time it worked. Maybe the problem arises in the database?

Thanks and regards
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Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for your effort, Jordy! 🙂
I finally found the trigger.
It was actually links that the data manager had made. I also had two Loops that I had not taken seriously, but have now solved.

The diagram itself or the diagram script were correct.
This also explains why the diagrams used to work earlier and had not anymore - even though I did not change them myself.

The new incorrect links seem to have generated errors in some charts, because now some small bugs that I could not explain were eliminated. So I should probably pay close attention to what the data manager does when synchronizing and loading tables.

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