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Selection in Stories in Qlik Sense

Hi All,

I have created a story in QlikSense and added active sheets. While i am playing the story, I selected a value in the slide (active sheet) and when i move to the next slide the selection is getting removed and the active sheets are showing all the data. Can someone please tell me how to make the selection constant until i stopped playing the story.



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Re: Selection in Stories in Qlik Sense

I believe this is either a bug, or is as designed.

I suggest you raise it with Qlik Support.


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Re: Selection in Stories in Qlik Sense

I am really sorry Aadil, but your response is applicable to 99.9% of any questions asked at any IT/feature forums.

@svinnakota  Did you try working with alternate states or considered ODAG? (Not sure how many individual values you have). Working towards one single set of selections and then generating the app would be the best solution


Re: Selection in Stories in Qlik Sense

Hello Aga,


Thank you for your alternates. I haven't done those things because alternate states came recently and i am not aware of ODAG or what exactly does that mean?

Presentation i created from the data model connection and the 2 sheets are pulling from same dataset. When i do the selection the 1st sheet, selections are not reflecting for the second in the story telling.

Selections are applied only for that sheet which makes me to do the same selections every time..