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Contributor III
Contributor III

Sense Server - Single User getting odd error on hub

Good afternoon,

I have a Qlik Sense Multi-Node environment that works fine. 99.8% of my users connect and use it daily without problem.

I have a single user that is getting the error I have attached, when they connect to the HUB. When they connect to the HUB, it thinks (bubbles) for 3-4 minutes then produces this error. No one else gets this error.


Qlik Sense - June2017 release.

User has an access pass
User has access to streams/content via security rules.

User used to be able to access the sense hub, but then one day it stopped working for him.

User's Active Directory account is no different than any other users

User's Security in sense is AD group driven. IE: this user is in the same AD groups as others, where the others have no issues.

All users brought into Qlik Sense via the same main Active Directory - User Directory Connector

I tried deleting his user account from the Users module of the QMC and removed his Access Pass.

When he went back into the HUB later in the day, still had the same problem.

I've been digging thru the system logs and have not found much on events related to this users. The logs nicely capture the "Domain\User" in logs that pertain to them. The only log I found that makes any sense is the following (I removed the Domain\User for the sake of posting online). However, when I checked the licensing part of the system, this user did/does indeed have a license (Access Pass).


This has me fairly stumped. No one else has this problem. Single user issue. System logs one thing, but displays another in QMC?

Thank you.


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