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SenseDateRangePicker issues

Hi Experts ,

i am using 2 SenseDateRangePickers in a dashboard page for start date and end date .

start date and end date are 2 different columns.

the actual problem is that when the start date is selected on the dashboard the filters the charts and when i try selecting end date the selection made in the end date will replace the start date selections made ..

how should this be handled ??

can anyone suggest any other calender kind of entensions which can be used in qliksense ??/

or does the default charts on qliksense development has the calender kind of feature or setting in it ??

kindly suggest..

its urgent


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Re: SenseDateRangePicker issues


from your description it seems that problem is not with extensions but with your selections. The reason is simple. If you select start date for example 1.1.2018 than all records with this start date are selected. Than if you select end date 1.2.2018 none of records with this end date hase start date on 1.1.2018. This will be clearly visible if you place some filter pane with start and end date. You will see that if you chose some values in start date than some values will be dark gray in end date, which indicates that it is excluded (not associated) https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/June2018/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Selections/associative-selection-m...


Re: SenseDateRangePicker issues

can you share the screenshot of the selection you are applying for range

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Re: SenseDateRangePicker issues

Sure. For example see this one.

As you can see if i will now select 3.1. in end date I will exclude at least some current selections in start date.