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Serious issues with printing from Qlik Sense

First of all, let me say that Qlik Sense is a fantastic product and we are getting ready to deploy it in Production.  But there are many 1% issues that remain that can be considered show stoppers.  This is one of several posts that I will make as I find these issues.

Printing (via export to PDF) is not Production-ready.  In the real world, many users use the dashboard up to a certain point and then do an export to Excel or PDF.  While we all wish that end users would never again use Excel or PDFs, we have to be realistic or they will vote with their feet.

These are the issues with Exporting to PDF, as seen in Qlik Sense 2.0.1

1)  Exporting a whole sheet - this does display, but list boxes (filter panes) are not printed.  They should be printed as they provide necessary context to the document.

2)  Exporting a Table or Pivot table:  Only the first page is printed, even if the table contains hundreds of rows!!!  No end user is going to accept this.  I have played with the various options, but they all have the same end result.  Fixing this should be a priority.

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Re: Serious issues with printing from Qlik Sense

Could you please contact Qlik Support (Technical Product Support | Qlik or support@qlik.com) about these issues? Ideally please provide example QVFs and steps to replicate so we can alert R&D of these issues.


(1): I can replicate it straight away so I'll report it to R&D (but we still would like to have a case from you all so that we can raise the number of reported incidents so R&D weights it accordingly).

(2): I have a dummy QVF with >2mil values and when exporting from a straight table, I was able to export 1,000,000 rows but was alerted that the data was truncated with export to Excel so I am assuming that you mean exporting to PDF (or PNG). I'll also report this to R&D but likewise we'd strongly recommend also creating a case so we can weight it accordingly. Pivot tables also display this limitation and there's a known limitation in the release notes indicating that you cannot export to Excel from Pivot tables. I do expect R&D to indicate that this working as expected since the functionality to export PDFs / PNGs are exports of visualizations not exports of data, hence the visualization component is limited to the layout on the screen (https://help.qlik.com/sense/2.0/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/Hub/Content/Printing/exporting-visualiza...).

Edit: in regards to (2), I'll queue up a feature request for improving the clarity along these lines:LdvJk6o.png

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Re: Serious issues with printing from Qlik Sense

Clearer is still not really clearer. As exports to PDF only copies the current page shown for a visualization. Not all of the pages if it extend beyond the current page. But this is obvious after trying to print once only using the PDF option.

Printing is not as good yet as Qlik View. But hopefully future releases will give the user more choice as noted above. Like include selection made at bottom etc if wanted and improved formatting with Excel exports . But hopefully a powerful printing option will be included in N Printing

But I find it more than acceptable as it is at present especially since the PDF option has been included. I either use Export data, image or to PDF as appropriate. Or the snipping tool when I also want to shown the selection boxes or selection bar using copy and paste.

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Re: Serious issues with printing from Qlik Sense

Any advance on this?

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Re: Serious issues with printing from Qlik Sense


I created a bit similar topic here‌‌. (printing mashup with issues)

Any ideas are welcome!