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Session Details eats up too much RAM

Hello Folks,

I've got my server upgraded with Ram and vCPUs.  I went to look at the Session Details in the Monitoring Apps > Operations Monitor app, and I still get the Out of Memory error.  Is there a way I can delete some of the excess data so that I can finally see the information?

I'm on Qlik Sense 3.1 SR1 if that makes a difference.



Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Session Details eats up too much RAM

Hi Justin,

there are a couple of ways:

1) if you make a copy of the App and go to the script, you'll find in the first section (called Initialize) a parameter that specifies how many months of data have to be loaded in the application. Make some tests, trying to reduce the amount of months.

Please be aware to make a backup of the qvd before doing that, otherwise they will be overwritten with less data.

2) make filters before trying to load the sheet

Hope this helps



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