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Set Analysis Calculation Measure

Hi all lovely people,

I need to get some figure.

I managed to get the Count of ID for the latest YearPeriod.

Now I would like to get the growth of the ID compare to previous YearPeriod.

I guess the measure should be using the [ Count ({<YearPeriod={"$(=max(YearPeriod))"}, OrderType={'New'}>}ID) ] to minus out the previous YearPeriod.

For e.g. now the new ID is 3, the growth of new ID should be -1. (previous YearPeriod is 20181202)

Please find attached my qvf and excel file.

image.pngLayoutimage.pngNew ID Measureimage.pngExisting ID measureimage.pngPart of my scripting


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Re: Set Analysis Calculation Measure

i think you need to check this variable



this you looking for same month last year or same year previous month




Re: Set Analysis Calculation Measure

I'm looking for Previous YearPeriod.

For e.g.  20190101's previous YearPeriod is 20181202.

20181202 previous YearPeriod is 20181201.