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Set Analysis Remove 1 Date From Range

I am trying to remove one date from a range I have in a line graph... The expression I'm trying to use is:

Sum({$<CurDay -={"5/30/2016"}>}[Causal Total Time])

I cannot get the chart to omit 5/30/2016.... Any Ideas?

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This expression doesn't get rid of May 30, 2016 either!

Thanks though.


Probably you cannot open the QVW because the use of the license of Personal Edition, but here I have created a Qlik Sense Desktop file with the same example. I hope you can use this as well to check the formula, because it is the same.

If you want specific help, feel free to upload your file with some data and I can help you with your formula.


Is your date a date or is it a timestamp?


I think perhaps you should upload a sample?


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Master III

Hi Kyle

I think I got your date format wrong.. please try the following

=Sum({<CurDay -={"$(=Date(Date#('5/30/2016','M/DD/YYYY'),'M/DD/YYYY'))"}>}[Causal Total Time])