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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Set Analysis involving a condition having a variable that changes per dimension


I have a set of data , say invoices with 3 columns


Invoice Key    Hospital Name    Invoice Items Count

1                      A                        2

2                      A                        4

3                      A                        4

4                      B                        3

5                      B                        5

I need to build a table which gives the following:


Hospital Name           Max Invoice Items Count per Invoice            Invoice Count having max invoice items count

A                                 4                                                                      2

B                                 5                                                                      1

Column 2 ( i.e. Max Invoice Items Count per Invoice) formula: Max (Invoice Items Count)

How can I get column 3 (Invoice Count having max invoice items count) formula? I need to know how many invoices have the max invoice items count per hospital.

I tried : count({<[Invoice Items Count] = {"$(=Max([Invoice Items Count]))"}>} Invoice Key) but it didnt work.

Any help??

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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Can anyone help in this?


May be this


Hospital Name


Max([Invoice Items Count])

Count(Aggr(If([Invoice Items Count] = Max(TOTAL <[Hospital Name]> [Invoice Items Count]), [Invoice Items Count]), [Hospital Name], [Invoice Items Count]))