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Creator III
Creator III

Set Analysis to Ignore Selections

Can anyone figure out why this isn't working? Am I missing something obvious? I have a chart based off information on the CompletionTimes table. I added list boxes for QueueNameCT and ModuleCT. I want selections for QueueName and Module(from the AssignedWorkflows table) to be ignored. I have the below measure but any selections made in the QueueName or Module listboxes affect this chart. Any ideas?

Count({<Module=,QueueName=>}DISTINCT WorkflowID)

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Would you be able to share a sample to test this out?


Try the following:
Count({<ModuleCT=,QueueNameCT=>}DISTINCT WorkflowID)

If you have list boxes for ModuleCT and QueueNameCT then they will be the selected fields you need to exclude in the Set Analysis.

Hope this helps

Creator III
Creator III

I want the chart to to filter when selections are made on ModuleCT or QueueNameCT. I don't want it to change when selections are made in Module or QueueName which are on other sheets.

Creator III
Creator III

Unfortunately I don't think I can. I put this in the below expression in another chart just to see if it would restrict QueueName selections and it worked as expected. I'm really not sure what is stopping it from working in the original scenario.

Count({<AssignedCompleted={Completed}, QueueName=>}WorkflowID)

Where are you using this? Can you post the images with and without selection to show the issue?

Creator III
Creator III

No selection

With Billing selected(from the list that I DON'T want to impact the chart).

Hahahahaha, so your expression is right... all you need to do is to ignore selection in your color expression ... What expression are you using for color?

Creator III
Creator III

Auto colors. I thought it shouldn't reflect any changes based on the selection?

Do you have a calculated dimension by any chance?