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New Contributor

Set analysis - Filter Pane (qliksense)


My case regards the situation that I want to apply the filter pane so that the rank function works properly.

Database consists of the 10 observations. 1 observation is "User" and the latter 9 are the remaining set.

I would like the 'user' observation to be always displayed in the table and participate in the ranking function, whereas the other 9 observations should be responsive to filter panes I apply.

The case regard the filter pane functionality.

1. when I choose just a field "Category" then a filter pane looks like this:

filterpane1.JPG filterpane3.JPG

And I need to remove the User_Category1, marked as red, from filter pane (because User is always displayed in a table therefore there is no logic reason to show it on filter pane).

2. I apply then for dimension: Aggr(Only({$<Category-={'User_Category1'}>} Category), Category):


It is ok but when I choose one category then other disappear (virtual table). It is hard to select multiple choices.

3. Then I apply Aggr(Only({1<Category-={'User_Category1'}>} Category), Category):


It almost works, it displays the filter pane selection properly (good), when I select one value then it also shows other possibilities (good), however these are greyed (bad). I would like them to be normally selectable as in point 1 filter pane.

The problem is with greyed categories are that they:

1. Suggest user that the multiple choice is not possible whereas it is possible.

2. I want to apply other visualization for filter pane: http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/57b75fd3b3122e2cd1e72fdf

which works not intuitively when the categories are greyed for multiple choice.

The question is: Maybe other function can be used instead of Aggr(only set analysis) or I should try different set analysis conditions. The task seemed simple at the beginning, I just want to remove one selection possibility from Filter Pane keeping its features.

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Honored Contributor

Re: Set analysis - Filter Pane (qliksense)

Hi Marciej,

look at this, here i created event like a filter for pre-selected values: like a triggers in Qlik View but in Qlik Sense

i hope that helps


New Contributor

Re: Set analysis - Filter Pane (qliksense)

Not pretty sure If I understood. I looked at your proposal, but I see it is like triggers/bookmarks. I need something which allows me to customize filter pane (delete one option from selection possibilities) and also to make it 100% working for remaining selections.

I do not want to pre-select anything.

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